With high school graduation steadily approaching, 17-year-old Pooja Accamma found herself perusing the pages of every high-fashion magazine, featuring the likes of Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bündchen, and Kate Moss. In awe of their poise, confidence, and seemingly effortless sense of style, she longed to be like them.

According to society’s rigid beauty standards, with her golden-brown complexion, untamed curly tresses, acne-prone skin, and thick eyebrows, she assumed she’d never get the opportunity to pursue her dream. When Lakshmi Menon did her solo spread in Vogue India in 2008, and walked the runway for Givenchy to Jean Paul Gaultier, Pooja saw the future. She longed to see more South Asian women of magazine covers and walking the runway.

Growing up in a traditional Indian household, her family had strong career expectations, so she reluctantly enrolled in college instead of pursuing modeling, and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

After graduating college, she began her two-year journey as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Ghana as a mathematics teacher. In an effort to build a safe space for her female students, she created The Girls Club. Through those discussions about owning your uniqueness and confidence and not letting life’s obstacles stop you from following your dreams, a spark was again reignited to pursue being a high fashion model.

Following her return from Ghana, Pooja Accamma gained a new lease on life. She saw more South Asian models on the runway, and decided to forego her preconceived uncertainties and take a leap of faith by beginning her modeling career. Utilizing her infectious energy and strong work ethic, she cultivated relationships with industry professionals in order to build a diverse portfolio.

Without agency representation, she relied solely on her ambition and unwavering tenacity to book national campaigns like, OneSize Butter Silk Concealer by Patrick Starr, the 2021 MLS All-Star Jersey launch, and Humanist Beauty’s Herban Wisdom Facial Oil. She further debuted on the runway in Fall/Winter 2022 and has since walked for Jennifer Williams and For the Stars Fashion House with Head Designer Jacob Meir.

She learned that a great model is always dependable, and shows up early and prepared. Furthermore, staying true to her craft, she constantly practices walking and posing to enhance her skills in front of the camera, as well as following trends and implementing it into her style.

She is using her passion of modeling to encourage others to be unique, strong, and sexy in their style and in themselves!